Puppy Training

Puppy Training Perth

Better than puppy school?… we think so! Age: As soon as your puppy is settled at home. Designed to give your new puppy the best start in life. Puppy Training Perth will allow your puppy to learn the rights from the wrongs, toilet training and all things puppy. Your puppy will learn to: sit, lie down, stay, come when called, and walk on a leash. Socialisation is important for your puppy, however, we believe that properly informed and instructed training is equally if not more important. We at Doggonit Obedience instruct you in a one-on-one environment and in the comfort of your own home. It’s like having an individual tutor for your puppy so learning is efficient and fun! That’s why Doggonit Obedience is best for puppy training Perth.

Perth Puppy Training

Course duration: 1 hour initial consultation/training session then 3 x 45min (minimum) intensive sessions over 3 weeks, totaling 4 weeks $445

Puppy Training Perth





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