Handsome, loyal and loving, smart, strong willed and so difficult to train! My adult children gave me an 8 week old Beagle pup since I have retired. I thought my “training” of 10 word commands, waving of arms and jumping up and down, would be enough. My pup just looked at me like I was crazy and went on doing expected but destructive puppy behaviour- chewing on everything, taking off down the street, carpet toileting, etc. I felt like I needed to give my pup away after 2 weeks but instead I called around and was referred to Doggonit Obedience training and started a session with Richard. The best decision I have made. I highly recommend training with Richard even for young pups. My Beagle had a strong personality from the start and after training with Richard, my Beagle is so delightful to be around and now my best friend. Even on a dog beach with a lot of distractions, my pup returns to me on every recall, which is very unusual for Beagles who follow their nose for long distances! My pup and I are having fun together now- thanks to Richard.


We have just completed Richard’s Easy Training with our 2.5yr old staffy x, and it’s like we have a new dog! Being a busy family, we chose to have Richard do the training sessions, and we accompanied him on a couple of them, learning a lot along the way. Most lessons were spent at our local dog park, which really helped to train with distractions, which was our biggest concern, and it worked a treat. Our dog now walks well on the lead, has great recall, knows all her commands, and even stays and drops at a distance from across the park! A huge improvement and we are very impressed and thankful for all of Richard’s help and guidance over the weeks. We would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for quality dog training for the dog of any age.


There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that Richard can bring out the very best in any dog. We first met Richard just over 9 months ago following the arrival of our new family member, a gorgeous white shepherd puppy. Having owned a German shepherd previously we were fully aware of the joy these dogs can provide to a family if trained correctly and the huge amount of time required to properly train a puppy. We were also very keen on involving our young children in her ongoing training and care. Richard has been absolutely fantastic over the last 9 months in training our pup and also being able to impart his knowledge to us on the fine art of dog training. The kids have certainly got a huge amount out from the time he has spent with them. Our pup is an absolute pleasure to have around and we believe exhibits obedience well beyond her age. His passion, knowledge and experience is amazing and we would hesitate to recommend his services. Thanks Richard for all the effort.


I have 2 small dogs who were good, but not great when it came to behaviour. Since they have done they’re training with Doggonit they are like different dogs! They walk on a lead properly instead of pulling, I can let them off lead and they stay close / come back when called. General household manners have improved since their training too. I loved the convenience of letting them go off with the trainer and me not having to put so much work in, like traditional obedience classes. Very worthwhile and highly recommended!




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